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You want to do a PhD in a stimulating and inspiring research environment, and simultaneously acquire the personal skills you will need to further develop your career.

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Doing the phD in physics at Ku Leuven has been a great experience

The international environment in the university together with the access to diverse scientific facilities is amazing.
My research focuses on the growth and study of nanostructures with tunable properties for novel electronic applications.

A major part of my research occurs in the lab where I use a molecular beam epitaxy system (like the one in the picture) to grow thin oxide films with unique properties in a layer-by-layer fashion.

I drew an X-ray diffraction pattern as it represents a main characterisation tool used worldwide in all scientific fields: from the first crystallographic image of DNA to the characterisation of new materials for electronics !

Pía, Chile,

CAMILO, Colombia, Physics


Imagine. A Colombian student recently graduated looking for a new challenge.

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VITALII, Russia,
Mechanical Engineering

Outstanding, exceptional and unique.
These three words I associate with Arenberg Doctoral School at KU Leuven.

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CHARLINE, Belgium, Biology


I have always loved studying here in Leuven; with everything so close by and yet so many possible places to visit and explore.

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LOMME, Belgium, Microbial and molecular systems

Bitten by science? Passionate by impatience? Seed your talent in our soil and enjoy the world!

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JINZE, China,

It is not only the unique abundance of academic resources and cluster of multi-disciplinary scholars, but also the international cultural background and most importantly, the atmosphere of open-mindedness and freedom of thought.

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Chemical engineering

I've chosen KU Leuven because of the well-known excellence of academic education, which makes it one of the best universities in the world.

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Join an inspiring campus

Discover Flanders' friendly and vibrant atmosphere .

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