qpOASES – Online Active Set Strategy


qpOASES is an open-source C++ implementation of the recently proposed online active set strategy (see [Ferreau, 2006][Ferreau et al., 2008]), which was inspired by important observations from the field of parametric quadratic programming. It has several theoretical features that make it particularly suited for model predictive control (MPC) applications. The software package qpOASES implements these ideas and has already been successfully used within industrial projects and, e.g., for closed-loop control of a real-world Diesel engine [Ferreau et al., 2007]. Recently, a couple of numerical modifications (as proposed in [Potschka et al., 2010]) have been implemented that greatly increase qpOASES's reliability when solving semi-definite, ill-posed or degenerated convex QPs.

On this web page we offer to download the complete source code of qpOASES along with a concise manual. Besides the mathematical ideas, several interfaces to third-party software like Matlab(R)/Simulink(R) or scilab are provided. Moreover, we collect some frequently asked questions and encourage you to pose any kind of questions, remarks or comments.

Please send remarks and questions to support -AT- qpOASES.org .

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