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KU Leuven Energy Institute

The KU Leuven Energy Institute was created in 1997. Emerging from existing expertise in energy matters at the KU Leuven, the Institute is well suited to conducting research on global and multidisciplinary energy issues and problems. Our expertise spans six core areas of energy research: energy technology (electrical and mechanical), wholesale energy markets, security of supply, energy economics, energy law and the environment. These areas are covered by the four core divisions within the Institute.

We recognise the need to maintain contact with the energy-related industry, and we actively seek to collaborate with Belgian industry. Firms are able to contribute to a research fund, which partly funds the research activities of the Energy Institute. Firms which contribute to this fund automatically qualify as members of the ‘KU Leuven Energy Foundation Industry-University’. This dual structure is used to guarantee an independent administration of funds within the KU Leuven Energy Institute.

Members of the KU Leuven Energy Foundation Industry-University can advise on potential research areas. In this manner, two major topics were defined when the Institute was created, i.e. global warming and the liberalisation of electricity markets.

The KU Leuven Energy Institute also participates in contract research financed by the European, Federal or Regional authorities and/or the industry. For a survey of finished and ongoing research, we refer to our research groups and their publications.