The CODeS research group counts 20 researchers in two locations. The home basis is
located at KU Leuven Kulak in Kortrijk and is led by prof. Patrick De Causmaecker.
The second part of the group strongly focuses on applied research and industrial cooperation.  It is located at the KU Leuven campus in Ghent and is coordinated by prof. Greet Vanden Berghe. CODeS is a research group in the KU Leuven department of Computer Science.

The overall research theme of CODeS includes the design, analysis and application of heuristics for combinatorial optimisation problems . The group investigates the construction of models, the behaviour and the application of metaheuristics for combinatorial optimisation at the common frontier of artificial intelligence and optimisation. Examples are local search, reinforcement learning and hyper-heuristics. The group can build on more than a decade of intense activity in this field.

CODeS pursues generic approaches towards models as well as algorithms. Application domains cover real world scheduling and timetabling problems, e-learning and bio-informatics. Through its long standing involvement with industrial project development, and through its participation in the interdisciplinary team imec-ITEC-KULEUVEN, CODeS has ample experience and synergy with valorisation of its academic background as well as with new and emerging system design and development methodologies. CODeS seeks interdisciplinary collaboration both to exploit the last findings in its domain to a broad range of applications and to profit from this exposure for strengthening and innovating its modeling and development power.

CODeS is a COMEX partner.