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The Leuven Mathematical Modeling & Computational Science Centre (LMCC)


The Leuven Mathematical Modeling and Computational Science Centre (LMCC), one of the 12 research centres of the Science, Engineering & Technology Group of the K.U.Leuven, unites researchers with shared interests and expertise in advanced modeling and simulation methods, cutting across traditional disciplinary boundaries. It also partners with industry in collaborative research projects.


The research in LMCC is strongly multi-disciplinary:  It covers modeling from microscopic to macroscopic scale in many disciplines, simulation, optimization and control. High-performance computing is a key element in many projects.

The research is organized along 7 strategic research lines:



For future scholars

The multi-disciplinary nature of the LMCC offers a challenging environment to young researchers with ample opportunity to broaden and deepen their knowledge. The K.U.Leuven also participates in the Flemish Supercomputer Centre, which guarantees access to a world-class computing infrastructure.

Scholars wishing to make a Ph.D. in one of the participating research groups of the LMCC study in the Leuven Arenberg Doctoral School. The school also maintains a list of other opportunities.


For researchers

The LMCC organizes various activities aimed at researchers (internal and external) in modeling and simulation.

Participating research groups sometimes also organise seminars for a broader audience interested in modeling and simulation.


For industry

The centre provides a single point-of-contact to companies in search of expertise or collaboration in the areas of modeling and simulation.