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Postponed deadline: idea competition Trivium - Imagine your Campus

The deadline for submissions for the idea competition around Trivium, a construction project at Campus Arenberg III, has been postponed to July 6, 2014. This competition, which is open to all students from the SET Group, wants to provoke sharp ideas for educational infrastructure in the future. The central idea is to give gestalt to collaborative and informal learning spaces. The winner will be awarded a prize of 1,250 euros for a trip with architectural and/or research-based value. 
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Growing in excellence and innovation - Policy plan SET Group 2013 - 2017

The policy plan of the Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) Group "Growing in excellence and innovation" covers the goals and ambitions of the group as determined within the SET Executive Committee in consultation with the SET Group Council. The policy plan takes into account the needs and opportunities of the various sections, entities and locations within Science, Engineering and Technology. The focus is on growth in quality in the realisation of the threefold academic mission and on the further implementation of the integration within the group. The plan elaborates on the structure of the group, its people, the education, the research, the valorisation and societal services, and the infrastructural needs. The group wishes to implement this plan with all its staff and in interaction and collaboration with the two other groups and with the transversal policy domains.
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Leuven - City of Ideas

Mark the date in your calendar: on Saturday, May 17, Leuven will be transformed into City of Ideas. City of Ideas is an initiative of Flanders DC, Flanders Smarthub Development and the City of Leuven, with the support of the Province of Flemish Brabant. On May 17, the most impressive products and ideas from the region will be put in the spotlight in the centre of Leuven. When it comes to clever ideas, KU Leuven is one of the main players. You will find us in the City Hall with a lot of innovative projects on renewable energy, composites, superconductivity, the power of gardens, etc. On the Martelarenplein you can see an eco-racing boat, a small electric F1 car, a solar car, etc.
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STEM is an acronym referring to the fields of study Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. The term is internationally used in addressing curriculum choices in schools and colleges aiming at technology development. In our society there is a great need for people with STEM profiles. Yet too few young people choose STEM education. Professor Wim Dehaene is convinced that we need to make young people aware of the social relevance of science and technology by teaching these disciplines in an integrated way in secondary education. He is taking an active role through the SBO project "STEM@SCHOOL".
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Launch InnovationLab & design awards FabLab

In 2013, the SET Group allocated resources to support four interdepartmental research projects. One of these projects is InnovationLab, an interactive learning centre that gives students in the third grade of secondary education the opportunity to discover how it feels to be a scientist and engineer through a specific research project. At the official opening on April 23, teachers and programme choice advisors are invited to become acquainted with the project. The opening ends with the award ceremony of the Open Source FabLab Furniture Contest.
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Electronic lab notebook system

KU Leuven has launched a project to select an electronic lab notebook (ELN) system. An electronic lab notebook is the digital equivalent of a paper lab notebook. A central database stores the data associated with lab experiments enabling searching, sharing and collaboration. The ELN system is also part of the intellectual property (IP) strategy. The selection of the system and the initial set-up will be done in collaboration with a number of pilot groups.
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CBA news

JoVE is a peer-reviewed scientific 'video' journal. It provides published scientific research in a visual format by producing video articles. All video articles published in JOVE are little movies with detailed information about some experiments. JoVe is divided in several sections. Four sections are available for students and KU Leuven-staff: General, Neuroscience, Immunology and Infection and Clinical and Translational Medicine.
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