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Researchers find way to turn sawdust into gasoline

Researchers at KU Leuven’s Centre for Surface Chemistry and Catalysis have successfully converted sawdust into building blocks for gasoline. Using a new chemical process, they were able to convert the cellulose in sawdust into hydrocarbon chains. These hydrocarbons can be used as an additive in gasoline, or as a component in plastics. The researchers reported their findings in the journal Energy & Environmental Science.
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Launch Flanders Make

On October 20th, the new strategic research centre for the manufacturing industry was officially launched and the name "Flanders Make" was announced. This new centre is committed to excellence in research, innovation and value creation and aims to strengthen the international competitiveness of the Flemish manufacturing industry and to anchor these companies in Flanders. Professor Dominiek Reynaerts tells us more about KU Leuven's important contribution.
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New car parks and new parking policy for Campus Arenberg

The car parks at Campus Arenberg face increasing capacity problems. Two new planned car parks and the development of a new parking policy will improve this situation.
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LCIE encourages entrepreneurship

The Leuven Community for Innovation driven Entrepreneurship (LCIE) was launched on 20 October. The platform, which is strongly supported by the SET Group, encourages the entrepreneurial spirit of students, researchers and professors.
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Update centres: new website LStat

The SET Group's centres portal site and the websites of the centres themselves are constantly being improved. The Leuven Statistics Research Centre (LStat) has thoroughly redesigned its website.
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Update centres: expertise centre Computational Modelling

The former LMCC research centre reorients itself as expertise centre, "Leuven Computational Modelling Centre (LCMC)", and will bring together complementary expertise on advanced numerical modelling and computer simulation methods.
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Flemish Universities launch Postgraduate Programme in Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Engineering

In September the five Flemish universities launch a Postgraduate Programme in Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Engineering. The students will have the opportunity to gain a first work experience through innovative projects in a stimulating environment. Through this programme, the universities want to encourage innovation in Flanders.
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New Arenberg brochure

Young and new talent is a key for a learning, searching and innovating organization like the KU Leuven. This 24th brochure continues a long tradition: it offers new professors and young faculty members of the Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) Group the opportunity to present themselves and their research areas.
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