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Flemish Universities launch Postgraduate Programme in Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Engineering

In September the five Flemish universities launch a Postgraduate Programme in Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Engineering. The students will have the opportunity to gain a first work experience through innovative projects in a stimulating environment. Through this programme, the universities want to encourage innovation in Flanders.
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New Arenberg brochure

Young and new talent is a key for a learning, searching and innovating organization like the KU Leuven. This 24th brochure continues a long tradition: it offers new professors and young faculty members of the Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) Group the opportunity to present themselves and their research areas.
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New Centre L-Mob (logistics and mobility): call for participation

The Science, Engineering and Technology Group is establishing a new centre around mobility, infrastructure, logistics and environment: L-Mob. The centre brings together complementary expertise, liaises with authorities and industrial stakeholders and represents KU Leuven in inter-university research programmes on mobility and logistics in Flanders, including funding recently granted by the Flemish government concerning urban mobility and logistics.
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Cooperation agreement Leuven Chem&Tech and Leuven NanoCentre

A model agreement for the new research facilities was established, based on extensive consultation with the departments and research groups involved and the Science, Engineering & Technology Group's Executive Committee. The agreement ensures optimal functioning of all operational and logistic processes, including HSE, and an optimal use of the high-quality lab infrastructure. On June 18, 2014, the model agreement was endorsed by the Executive Committee of the SET Group.
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New building Trivium

Trivium is the name of the new building that will be constructed between buildings 200G and 200F on Campus Arenberg Celestijnenlaan 200 and that will be ready by 2019. To bring the divergent views on this project together, the SET Executive Committee established a working group with members from each faculty, the Technical Services Department and the CBA, which has mapped the needs for the new building. The Executive Committee approved the spatial development of the Trivium building on July 2, 2014.
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Optimisation Zootechnical Centre

During the past few months a lot of hard work was put in the optimisation of the Zootechnical Centre (ZTC), an LRD division that is part of the Agricultural Support Facilities of the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering; an approach that is clearly paying off.
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Flemish film with the cooperation of the Faculty of Science

On August 4, production company Caviar will start shooting the Flemish film 'Alles voor Lena' featuring Koen De Graeve, Matteo Simoni and Robrecht Vanden Thoren. The Faculty of Science assists director Lukas Bossuyt with advice and support. Professor Kristiaan Temst explains about the collaboration.
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Science Slam - The YouReCa Challenge

The third edition of the KU Leuven science slam 'The YouReCa challenge' will take place on December 11, 2014 at Het Depot. For this contest we are looking for smart, creative and entertaining young researchers who are in need of an audience to perform their skills.
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CBA news

The university library signed a new contract with the publishing house Springer. Our users can now consult a large number of e-sources on the SpringerLink platform and get access to the SpringerProtocols database.
LIMO, the search engine of the university library, will only be partially available from July 11 until August 5.
Starting August 5th a new system for remote access to electronic sources will be available: EZproxy.
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Junior College STEM

From the academic year 2014-2015 on, the Junior College Mathematics is extended to a Junior College STEM. Junior College is a university-wide initiative that wants to bridge the gap between secondary school and university through offering challenging and profound course packages for students from the third grade. The programme, organized both in Leuven and in Kortrijk, is a combination of classes in the secondary school and at the university. The subjects demonstrate practical applications of the disciplines. Professor Stefaan Vaes elaborates on the new Junior College STEM.
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Centres' policy update

The Executive Committee of the Science, Engineering, and Technology Group took the initiative to conduct an informative inquiry of the existing research centres, mapped the status, and updated the policy regarding the centres. In addition to the research centres, network centres and expertise centres were established, thus creating a new and broader umbrella. The renewed portal site reflects the updated policy and focuses on an improved visibility.  
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Renewed Group regulations

As a result of the integration and the multi-campus model, a revision of the Science, Engineering and Technology Group regulations was necessary. The renewed Group regulations were updated and approved by the SET Executive Committee and the Academic Council.
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