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New Arenberg brochure

Young and new talent are essential for a learning, searching and innovating organization like KU Leuven. Annually many professors start their career at our institute. This 25th brochure continues a long tradition: it offers new professors and young faculty members of the Science, Engineering and Technology Group the opportunity to present themselves and their research areas.
Download the Arenberg 2014 brochure (pdf 8,1MB)


KU Leuven goes iGEM 2015

The iGEM competition is the most prestigious student competition in synthetic biology. For the 2015 edition KU Leuven has composed a team of 13 motivated students from different faculties: Bioscience Engineering, Science, Engineering Science, Medicine and Economics & Business. After four previous, successful KU Leuven participations in the iGEM competition, the expectations are high.
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New dean and department / campus heads in the SET Group

On 31 July, a number of terms of office in the Science, Engineering and Technology Group will come to an end. Elections have taken place and a new dean of Bioscience Engineering, new heads of the Departments of Architecture, Biosystems, Microbial and Molecular Systems, Physics and Astronomy and Mathematics, as well as a Technology Campus Head have been (re-)elected. Their term of office starts on 1 August.
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Young ZAP Council: lunchbox on evaluation

The Young ZAP Council represents the young ZAP members in the SET Group. This council wants to ensure that young ZAP can make their voices heard at policy level (both in research and in education themes) and that issues that characterise their careers can be put on the agenda of the SET Group and the university. The Young ZAP Council also takes initiatives to bring young faculty members together to exchange ideas. On 29 September the council will organise a lunchbox on evaluation.
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SPOC complex numbers

Future students who attend a summer course mathematics do not always have sufficient knowledge of complex numbers. The limited time that can be dedicated to complex numbers during the summer course is often not sufficient for them to master this math section. To address this problem a SPOC (Small Private Online Course) about complex numbers is being developed.
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Informal learning space Earth and Environmental Sciences

The former exhibition hall (01.300) in the Geo-institute will be transformed into an informal learning space with 68 seats. The furniture will be easy to move to make it possible to use the space for other purposes as e.g. receptions.
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Move to Leuven Chem&Tech and Leuven NanoCentre

For both Leuven Chem&Tech and Leuven NanoCentre the commissioning of the safety critical infrastructure (fire detection, ventilation and fume hoods in laboratories, gas detection ...) has been completed and the lab activities can safely start. The move to both buildings is well under way.
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CBA news

The university library acquired a unique 16th-century manuscript that was produced in the Celestine Abbey in Heverlee - now Campus Library Arenberg. CBA has launched a new digital collection of 19th-century maps. "Blokken in Leuven" is again a big success in CBA. Some new acquisitions were included in the CBA collection.
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Will you be the face of Arenberg Doctoral School?

Arenberg Doctoral School is developing a new brochure and website to inform PhD candidates abroad about the opportunities within ADS. It will be a visually attractive 4-page leaflet with a minimum of text, and with pictures which immediately draw the reader’s attention. And this is where you come in! We call for your input and creativity to include really awesome photos! 
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Stefaan Vaes wins Francque Prize

Professor Stefaan Vaes (39) has won the prestigious Francqui Prize for his research into von Neumann alegbra, mathematical structures that occur through quantum mechanics. 
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New University Doctoral Regulations

As of 1 May, the new University Doctoral Regulations (UDR) are in force. The ADS general regulations have been completely absorbed by the UDR: the principles of the ADS regulations are transferred to the UDR and as such have been lifted to a university-wide level. The remaining elements in the ADS regulations have been added as Particulars within Science, Engineering & Technology in the UDR. This implies that the new UDR introduces no significant changes for PhD researchers and supervisors in ADS.
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Closure CASP

As previously announced, the Central Purchase of Chemical Products (CASP) will close its doors. The products you used to purchase through CASP can now be ordered through the catalogue platform. If the supplier has not been included in the catalogue platform yet, an order can be made in SAP. Only the purchase of duty-free ethanol still needs to be done through CASP. Once the new permits are obtained, the duty-free ethanol can be purchased through the KU Leuven Central Warehouse.

International brochure SET Group

The international brochure of the SET Group is now available. It includes leaflets of the group, the Arenberg Doctoral School, the five faculties and the fourteen departments. In addition, you can find a lot of division leaflets on the website.

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