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Unravelling the atomic and nuclear structure of the heaviest elements

Little is known about the heaviest, radioactive elements in Mendeleev’s table. But an extremely sensitive technique involving laser light and gas jets makes it possible for the very first time to gain insight into their atomic and nuclear structure. An international team led by scientists from the Institute for Nuclear and Radiation Physics at KU Leuven report these findings in Nature Communications.
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Little mirror, big mirror on the wall: offical inauguration of the mirror wall at the Department of Physics and Astronomy 

On February 17th the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the KU Leuven celebrated the official inauguration of their 'telescope mirror wall'. In the entrance hall of the building of the department, full-scale replicas of two telescope's primary mirrors show you the very different sizes of the main mirrors of the KU Leuven Mercator and James Webb Space Telescope (JWST). 
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Triple E: Ignace Martens: "All courses should contain an aspect of entrepreneurship!" 

Within the Science, Engineering and Technology Group, entrepreneurship is a hot topic. The policy project Triple E wants to highlight different initiatives, by giving the floor to lecturers and students. In this edition: lecturer Ignace Martens from the Faculty of Engineering Technology. He works at the Technology Campus Ghent and gives more explanation about the Lean Learning Academy and the Incubatiecel voor duurzaam Ondernemen. 
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Falsifying Galileo satellite signals will become more difficult
© GSA; reproduced in modified form

The European Union activated its Galileo satellite navigation system in December 2016. The EU is dedicated to setting this system apart from other navigation systems such as GPS – the US counterpart of Galileo. Researchers from the Department of Electrical Engineering at KU Leuven have now risen to this challenge as well: they designed authentication features that will make it even more difficult to send out false Galileo signals.
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Take a virtual tour through the 'Africa in Profile' exhibition

virtual-tour-africa-in-profileThe virtual exhibition 'Africa in Profile' shows the diversity and beauty of Africa’s hidden soil treasures and its connection to people and nature in a way never shown before. This ‘Virtual Tour’ is a realization of KU Leuven Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences and ISRIC with the kind support of the JRC and the Africa Museum. Curators of the exhibition are Karen Vancampenhout, Stephan Mantel, Arwyn Jones and Seppe Deckers.
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Artefact 2017: The Act of Magic

Artefact is a themed exhibition and festival on contemporary visual arts, current events and societal challenges, and partly supported by the Science, Engineering and Technology Group of the KU Leuven in the context of 'arts and science'. In 2017, Artefact looks at the Act of Magic. What does magic mean today? Which role does it play as a social phenomenon? How is it used as a metaphor? And how do contemporary artists tackle the subject? From poetry to strategy, from magical object to obscure systems, from harmless distraction to manipulation: the artists in The Act of Magic investigate what enchants us today. 
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Successful second edition of the CBA book sale

In October another successful edition of the 'Knowledge per kilo' book sale was organised at the Campus Library Arenberg. As in previous years, half of the proceeds were donated to two charities. The ‘Protos’ project of prof. Seppe Deckers aims to increase the access to drinking water, sanitation and water for agriculture. The ‘Institutional University Cooperation Project’ with the Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina in Peru is coordinated by prof. Eddie Schrevens and donates laptops and wifi infrastructure to Peruvian elementary schools.


Euricur Speed Dating: Urban Dynamics

On Monday February 20th, KU Leuven and Euricur (European Institute for Comparative Urban Research) are hosting an information session for all KU Leuven researchers carrying out research in the field of urban dynamics. In a ‘speed dating’ formula, the participants get acquainted with the research at KU Leuven on the subject of urban dynamics and each othter’s needs. At the same time, the intention is to achieve an interaction between KU Leuven research and Euricur and to examine how we can answer to the research needs of Eurocities. Registration is open untill February 16th 2017.
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World first: surgical robot performs precision-injection in patient with retinal vein occlusion

Eye surgeons at University Hospitals Leuven have been the first to use a surgical robot to operate on a patient with retinal vein occlusion. The robot uses a needle of barely 0.03 millimetre to inject a thrombolytic drug into the patient’s retinal vein. the KU Leuven Department of Mechanical Engineering developed the robot and needle specifically for this procedure.
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Peruvian potatoes to join world's largest banana collection in Leuven

For 30 years, KU Leuven has been home to an impressive collection of bananas that already contains over 1,500 varieties and is the biggest in its kind. The collection is recognised as world heritage and will soon be expanded with another food crop: 8,000 potato varieties of the International Potato Centre in Peru are coming to Leuven.
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New dental implant with built-in reservoir reduces risk of infections

A multidisciplinary team of researchers at KU Leuven has developed a dental implant that gradually releases drugs from a built-in reservoir which helps prevent and fight infections. The study is a collaboration between the KU Leuven Centre for Microbial and Plant Genetics, the KU Leuven Department of Materials Engineering, the KU Leuven Biomaterials Research Unit, and the KU Leuven Centre for Surface Chemistry and Catalysis.
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Faculty of Science: 200 years advanced curiosity

For 200 years, advanced curiosity has pushed our researchers to shape modern science. In 2017 the Faculty of Science celebrates its 200th birthday and this cannot go unnoticed. During this anniversary year, several activities will be organized: from honorary doctorates to a festival style staff party, from an open house for every age to science theatre. In addition all the usual outreach activities will be organized under the label of 200 years Faculty of Science.
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Policy project Triple E: Ieben Broeckhoven: "At AFD, we want to have a positive-social impact!"

Within the Science, Engineering and Technology Group, entrepreneurship is a hot topic. The policy project Triple E wants to highlight different initiatives, by giving the floor to lecturers and students. In this edition: Ieben Broeckhoven from Academics for Development (AFD). AFD enables students to realize social impact on a meaningful and sustainable manner in a developing country. Triple E talked with bioscience engineer Ieben who spent his summer in Burkina Faso and Benin.
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Website overview STEM projects

For the development of a website with a consolidated and organized STEM offer for (mainly) teachers, SET STEM coordination (Katrien Kolenberg and Katlijn Vangilbergen) are gathering information on all STEM projects within the SET Group. Project initiators are kindly invited to provide information on their project through a web form.
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Arenberg 2015 brochure

The Arenberg brochure offers new coming professors and faculty members of the Science, Engineering & Technology Group the opportunity to present themselves and their research areas to the broader academic community. The latest edition is available now.
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New: STEM University

Have you always wanted to develop an app, microscope, noise detector or drone? Starting this school year in Leuven, children and young people between 5 and 18 years will be familiarized with science and technology in a fun kind of way through a wide range of STEM workshops. STEM University is an organisation of KU Leuven and is part of the large STEM Leuven project together with the city of Leuven and UCLL. (in Dutch)

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